Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Art Supply Frenzy

You have to use your imagination on this one, That is an Eagle that hangs out along the Snake River on the road I take to go to town. I even used a zoom but he still looks like a dot. I guess to get those really good shots I'd need a mucho expensive camera.

I got the door and dressers painted last night. This morning the door looks great the dressers not so much. I was painting a shade of cream over white primer so I have to do another coat. They do look nice. Then I think I will let them sit for awhile. I saw a dresser painted cream and then all the drawer fronts were different. I may do that or another I saw had a scene painted on the fronts of the drawers. That looked great too. So I am just going to peruse for ideas for a little while before I proceed. I also painted the door aqua but I want to paint something on top of that. I am trying to find words or ideas like This is the Kate's Art Room and once you enter Creativity begins. It needs to sound cooler than that though. Or
maybe a mural of some sorts. Since I have never even remotely tried anything like this I think this idea has to germinate for awhile for me to come up with some idea. I love Violette's doors in her house and Nicci's too. They are my inspiration to begin.

Heroes was great last night, it was great to get back in the groove of things again. I bought some new towels for my bathroom but I couldn't find any rugs to match so now I will be on the hunt for that. They'll bright Turquoise, they sure liven things up.

Here are some of the things that resulted from my art supply store overload last week. Here is one days haul.

I found these little gems that stick on at Walmart. I thought they were so cute with all the different sizes. I had to get both colors.

This is a little celestial kit, complete with moons stars and glitter.

Then a collection of foam stamps. I want to start doing some dyed and embellished fabrics for vests and these will be a start on that.

Quote of the Day: Good things always happen to me.


Pam Aries said...

I just emailed you ! I AM SUPER excited that you are coming to Charleston! And I knew nothing about the Sophia Institute! What a fabulous , cool thing...I can't believe all the retreats,seminars etc that are right up my alley....And because of you , I found out! yippeeeee! Now I can't wait til September! BTW: Love the Eagle! And your art supplies..I have that same litle stars and glitter pack! Today I bought some at the $1 store!

Kai said...

OH, isnt that wonderful..you're visiting Pam!! and that other place..lol..
I love the art stash you have!! The blue celestial kit is amazing!!
and an eagle..Another bird.. Kate, it's a sign.. :)
And Heroes!!!! OMG , was amazing!! yeah for fans..lol..

Peace n hugs, Kai.

judie said...

OMG that Eagle pic is the most exciting thing that has happened to me today. I love it! And, I am going to notify LisaOceandreamer that you need to go to Golden Brushes, you bad girl you! xoxoxo

LisaOceandreamer said...

uh oh! supplies, did you say supplies? Lucky for you the Golden Brush Center is currently full to capacity. lol!

ooooh you and Pam are going to meet? Nosey me wants to know!!


mrsnesbitt said...

Oooooooooooo love your supplies! Also great to read you are meeting up.....Kai and her sister are meeting up with me when they come to UK in March...I am starting to save a stash for kai to take back home with her!