Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Art Mojo is Back

The other day I made this page about getting my art mojo back. I am attempting to try some new things with my journals. I kept thinking why can't I seem to get gel medium to work as glue like other people can. With this page I realized what I thought was gel medium was really gesso. I tend to get it all over, hense the white spots on the page. I like the look though. Now that I realize that I have gesso in 2 unmarked containers it is easy to understand things that were not working. I had tried a gel transfer with gesso, it doesn't work too well. I really enjoyed working on this page. I took watercolor painted scraps and put them in a random pattern and then wrote my words on the page, Then I took Twinkling H2o's and painted over the words in different sections. I like the look.

This next page I covered in gesso and that made it really textured. I added the Tazo tea cutout and then used pastels in similar colors all over. I like the texture here. Pastel over gesso is really interesting, its not all soft and ethereal like it is on smooth paper.

Here is my lovely painted dresser. It very plain and painted in a color called Queen Anne's Lace. Plans are to paint the front of the drawers differently. See how uncluttered it is. My whole room looks like that now. I worked on it last night.

Quote for the Day: Desire is the beginning of all creation. - Esther Hicks


Pam Aries said...

Ha! I was reading your post and I thought 'what kind of gel medium is SHE USING? Then you explained in the next sentence! hee hee! Love the journal! I love gesso much as gel medium and my 'cutter bee' scissors! THe 3 art things at the TOP o' My list! I CANNOT WAIT TIL YOU COME TO Charleston! Look out!

Gemma said...

Hi Kate...thanks for stopping by!
Your art Journal with watercolors is pretty. Love the dresser. Hope you'll post a picture again after it's painted.

Kai said...

I love the way your art is flowing and expanding into different mediums and artful ideas on your journal..It's a visual delight :)
The dresser is very stylish..You have some neat things..I'll watch intently to see how you do..
Peace, Kai.

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am so happy the mojo is starting and that you're trying new things, expanding and even if something doesn't never know when a happy accident may occur.
That dresser is very shabby chic, I love it!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the drawers.
Go Kate, GO!!!

altermyworld said...

hi kate, was wondering do you ever receive the ATC (tea) i sent you?
If not could you email me,
yeah for art mojo, it;s a great thang.