Saturday, January 27, 2007


Here is the ATC and tea that I got from my friend Ang in a one on one tea swap
I keep forgetting to take a picture of it for the blog. Now I can have that cup of her tea. I love Tazo tea so this will be good.

The Universe is working with me and I love how all these things are falling into place. Lets see where do I begin. I guess I will start with travel. I have been invited to 3 things this year and at first I did not think of how I could manage going to any of them let alone all of them.

First the Thread Project final celebrations and gallery opening will be in Charleston in September. Second my internet friend Nancy set up a womens getaway at her family's beach houses in Maryland in April. Thirdly there is talk of the GPS group meeting at Mt. Shasta in July. For me the priority has been the South Carolina trip. I kindly met one wonderful lady Pam, who just happens to live in Charleston and has offered her home for me to stay in when I visit. We are both very excited to meet so that will be a trip that has many highlights. I am really looking forward to spending time with Pam and meeting Terry Helwig the founder of the Thread Project. Dave has some frequent flyer miles left so I will use that for airfare.

Now then we have the beach trip. Now Nancy and Julie and I have been writing to each other for over ten years. We have watched each others children grow up, been there through all the drama and conflicts and more. To finally be meeting them is going to be something. Then add the Ocean to that mix is a plus. I haven't seen the in a really long time. I really did not think I could be going but when the Universe sets things in motion it just flows. I was offered 100.00 to put towards my ticket. At that point I had to take it seriously. I should be able to manifest the funds for the rest of the trip with no problems.

I know for sure when the GPS get around to a meeting I will be able to manifest what I need to get there.
Now to the dishes. I have been wanting some Fiestaware for some time. When I first started looking they were 50.00 a place setting. When one figures a set of 8 is a good start the price is way out of my league. That didn't stop me from wanting them though. Even when I saw them on sale it still seemed out there. Well the other day I thought you know if I just buy a place setting the next time they are on sale I can at least get a start on them. Yes, you know where this is going don't you. Well of course they were on sale this week. This was Macy's sale buy one at 43.00 get one free, use a Macy credit card get an extra 10% off. Open and account and get an extra 15% off. Plus their open stock was 30% with the 15% off after that. This took it down to 17.40 a place setting. I ended up 6 place settings and 6 luncheon plates and they are so pretty. I got all 6 colors they had, sunflower, cobalt,heather, scarlet, peacock and tangerine. I don't think I will ever get them that inexpensive again. What a deal.

One of the things that has come to me lately or perhaps I should say that I have tried to focus on this year is that life is too short to keep putting things off. If I have always wanted to have these dishes or a new mixer or nice glassware etc. Now is the time to start bringing that into my life. For too many years I have just had to make do with what was on hand. Not so anymore I want nice things and I am going to have them. There is no time like the present, in fact its the only time we have.


LisaOceandreamer said...

you have such exciting and wonderful trips on the horizon - all of which sound so fun. I envy your getting to meet Pam - I think it you'll have so much fun. Secondly, a trip to a beach house...with great friends...oh girl. GO GO GO!!
Then there's the GPS one - that one I hope to go to but must admit camping anymore is not such a draw (and it means lugging camping equipment). I know I sound like a wimp, I am waiting to see how the plans develop because I do NOT want to miss it either.
Lastly - woohoo on the GREAT deal on the Fiestaware, you are so right about not putting things off - why not enjoy our pleasures in life.
phew - long comment!

Pam Aries said...

Yippee! I better start now on house cleaning! How cool! ..BTW: You shoulda asked Judi Redhead about Fiestaware! She Works for them in WV!!!!!!!!

Terri /Tinker said...

Wonderful manifestations! Can't wait to see you and all the GPS in July - and you get to stay with Pam? How fun!
I have Fiestaware in tangerine, sunflower, teal, cobalt, light blue (can't remember what they called that shade) - I still want to get that really red one and the peacock blue though. But we got ours at a few different places over a couple of years whenever they had big sales & coupons too. I know how happy I am with mine, so I can imagine how happy you are now, too. Congrats fellow Fiestaware-owner! :-)