Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Organizing Again.. Does it ever end.

Brilliant sunshine for the third day in a row. How can we be so lucky. I just spent an hour down in the studio trying to organize the mess. Perhaps a few more hours and I might have it done. I have all these little creative stations and they are all a mess. I never fully organized the beading area since I moved it in there so it needs major work. The sewing area needs a little work but I do have my art desk almost done. I need to get back to working on the crow book. I am trying to make little crows out of paper clay. My first attempt resulted in a very strange looking bird. I think its time to have pictures and maybe a bird book in front of me before I try it again.

I have been reading my copy of Gwen Diehn's The Decorated journal and have been trying this technique. I have a page divided for the days of the week. On each day I record weather and other events some with words and others with tiny drawn pictures. Its a simple technique but I am finding it quite fun to work on. I look in anticipation to the next days entry, thining oh I wonder what will be on Thursday. I will post it at the end of the week. I find that I buy all these art books that are full of graphics and demonstrations and that I end up just looking at the pictures and never end up reading the entire text. That is going to change. I know this will sound silly but I really got a whole lot more out of the book by reading the entire thing.

Quote for the Day: Make yourself available for success, and know and trust in an invisible force thats all providing. - Wayne Dyer

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Kai said...

I love Gwen's book Kate, and have to admit, I originally brought it for the pictures, but realise that by reading each chapter and stopping to absorb and try out the ideas. Im learning so much more.
My art room is in a dizzy today due to me hunting for some lost papers... so i'll be cleaning too..
I like your quote for the day :) I need all the invisible force thingie I can get!!
Bright blessings to you..
PEace, Kai.