Sunday, January 28, 2007

Camas Wildlife Refuge

On Saturday we went to the Camas Widlife refuge. Its about 35 miles fromwhere I live. A nice short drive. The newspapoer had an article about it. We'd never been there so we thought we'd check it out. They had viewed 40 eagles the other day so we hoped we'd get see at least a few. We ended up seeing a coyote, 2 porcupines, one was sleeping in a tree and the other just walking. There was a bull moose with a very nice looking rack and 2 cow moose. We saw lots of hawks, they were mostly northern harriers. The eagles were the best though. We must have seen 25 of them, both Golden's and Bald Eagles. We were in a stand of Cottonwood trees where they come to roost. They were flying right over our heads one after another. I really realized why a golden eagle is called golden. When the sun hit their breasts they truly looked gold. They were beautiful. It really was a special moment.

This is a golden eagle that sat in a tree pretty close to us. He was quite spectacular. It was a beautiful day, blue skies and sunshine. When you saw them flying over head their breast really did look like gold.

Here are a few shot of bald eagles, they are so far away so the pictures are not that great.

If you look down the center of the path you'll see a brown spot, well that was the coyote. He didn't want to come any closer.

Oops I forgot a quote.

Quote for the Day: See all so-called bizarre coincidences surrounding your desires as messages from your Source, and act upon them immediately.


LisaOceandreamer said...

What a fabulous place to visit and see all the various animals and those eagles! I'll bet you'll be going back.
Great photo ops!

Terri /Tinker said...

What a beautiful place, Kate, and such amazing sightings - I've never seen a golden eagle in the wild and you've just seen 25 in one day, how wonderful!

judie said...

Love those eagle pics. Lucky you! We have some eagles here, and the power company builds wooden nests for them atop the power poles, so they won't get tangled trying to nest in the wires. They bring their own nesting supplies, however. :) I just read your post about Flynn. That is so cute. He fights with the neighbor dog just like humans LOLOL I should say SOME humans. My dog twitches and dreams also. She barks in her sleep. More like a little yip, yip, yip, but I can tell she is barking and no doubt chasing a GIANT Great Dane and feeling very powerful in her dream. LOL She weighs in at 12 pounds soaking wet.

Lisa said...

I've been getting caught up on GPS blogs today. Whew. We are a gabby bunch. lol I especially love hearing how things are manifesting in your life. It's a wonderful thing and available to us all if we'll trust it. I love the quote in this post about coincidences being messages from our Source. Perfect.