Saturday, April 04, 2009


It was snowing this day and I really felt like being out in some beautiful spring weather but it was not to be. Soon I hope to be out on the river again.

I like how this page evolved. First I had this really different background that I kept tweaking with. Since it had a pink tinge to it I decided to look for a kids image and then it seemed all about friends. Our girlfriend are the glue that holds us together. I salute all of you with this page.

I am happy to report that I finally got a crown that had no problems. So I do not have to visit the dentist for another six months. YES......

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women book group concluded with a celebration call that was wonderful. Jamie Ridler who is just the best facilitator/coach has put together a package of all the inspiring interviews from the 12 weeks plus some added pdf's. Goddess Leonie has a special pdf included that I love. She is wonderful reminds me a lot of SARK. Check out her site it is wonderful. These interviews are really awesome, I know that when I need a pick me up I will be listening to them again and again.

One of the things on the call was to celebrate everything. I have just been moving from project to project not really taking the time to celebrate the accomplishment. Its time to change that. I had just taken that scarf of the loom and even tough it needs some finishing done I was already putting something new on. I decided to step back a little and enjoy the accomplishment of this piece at least for a day or so. As soon as I have the fringe prepared and washed then I will be able to post it and celebrate it with all of you. Celebrating is important and I will now make it part of my creative process.

How do you celebrate your projects, accomplishments, life? If you don't I think its time you started too!


Shopgirl said...

It was beautiful here today, I even had the back door open for awhile. But weather is coming and I am so afraid I will losr my Apricot's. Love your Journaling pages. Hugs, Mary

Jamie Ridler said...

What a joy to share celebrations with you. I'm so glad that we've been on this whole adventure together - that's something worth celebrating for sure!


gemma said...

Celebrating life today...and the fact that my art room is getting more organized. How is your health Kate? Hope you are feeling better.

Lynn said...

looking up and down and all around here lovely journal pages kate.

ffejman said...

Kate,It is definitely an interesting blog even though I am
"fabrically challenged" . I think
that the idea of making a shrine out of a matchbox is amazing,and practical also ,since you can take it with you. Keep up the good work,Jeff