Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stenciling Experiments

My hand is better but still not 100%. Its been quite a journey in one short week. Many of you said to relax and just enjoy the break. I found not being able to use my hand to be real torture. Sure I loved the excuse that I couldn't wash pans but not to be able to do Art or knit or weave or any of the things that I do to express my creative soul was really hard. I can do some things but cutting a stencil is hard, I can draw but my hand gets sore if I do too much. So I find I can still be creative but there are limits that I have to live by. The redeeming part is that I know its getting better every day. My stenciling class continues so I will share some of my latest experiments.

I put my portfolio together, added some initials and highlighted them with white gel pen.

This is a mask I bought of trees. You lay the piece down and spray around it so you can have many different effects depending on the background. In one I sprayed black and in another I sprayed white paint.

Here is another tree I tried, I like the colors in this one.

This is a mask I made from a magazine image. I just repeated it several times.

More playing with masks.

Playing with initials and more papers. The scroll is a mask from Tim Holtz.

This was my first try at cutting a face stencil, you may recognize Amelie. That movie is such a delight. I kept redoing the corner stencil, I still don't like it but perhaps I will journal over it.

This is full of experiments including stencils masks and a stencil of my profile picture. I think that is enough for now


Lynn said...

Wow...I am impressed. I have no idea how you do any of this...or what a "mask" is...but I do like what I see...the faces and bodies especially. What are you cutting them out of? Paper? Something sturdier?

Renee said...

Kate the pictures look great.

Glad you are starting to feel a lot better.

Before you know it you will be feeling 100%.

Love Renee xoxo

Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the torture ends soon but be sure to be gentle with yourself so you heal up well !
These stencils and mask pages are fantastic ! I love the first tree and the fiery effect on the orange and red background. I think your profic stencil is great too ! You have really got the hang of this !
Take care !

Janet said...

Wow!!!! If you can do this with a sore hand I wonder what you'll do when it heals! These are all fantastic! I love your face stencil. The trees on the red/orange background are gorgeous! Actually I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite out of these because I like them all!

KnittingJourneyman said...

Incredible work-I love your techniques..

Hybrid J said...

Such wonderful artwork! I'm impressed and inspired. Maybe I should find a stencil class and learn about it as well.

Shopgirl said...

I neglect you for a few days and you have hand surgery and are making beautiful art....They are all lovely. Take care of you, I went back and looked at all you have done...WOW!
Hugs, Mary

Olivia said...

I don't see the limits, Kate. Your art is beautiful! You are amazing! More rest and healing, O xo

Lori-Lyn said...

These are beautiful. All of your work is beautiful! Visiting here is an inspiration.

anil kumar said...

real beautiful things you have created .i am a happy follower,inspired by your dedications