Wednesday, April 08, 2009

New books to inspire

This is my friend Kate who I talk about a lot. I took her up to Market Lake to see the nesting Owls. The day was beautiful and we had a wonderful time. We saw Swans and Great Horned Owls, coots, bohemian waxwings and lots of Canadian Geese and Ring billed gulls but no Snow geese. Later on we had a nice lunch. I like simple days like that.

My books came in the mail, I have been anxiously awaiting these two wonderful books. I had not see this book on Vision Boards in person but it had been mentioned on many blogs so I ordered sight unseen. It is so much more than I ever expected. I think this will take my vision boards and my life to the next level.

I often browse through all the new mixed media books out there. There are so many new ones it is almost a glut on the market. Most are I wonderful but I decide that I don't really need them. I thought different when I saw this one. Creative Awakenings is so different, more than just a show and tell project book. It comes with its own deck of transformation cards plus instructions on making your own. I really love these. Then there are wonderful projects and insights. I am so looking forward to working with the ideas in this book. There is also a ning site for this book. Ning sites are communities on line where you connect with others doing the same thing. I really like the format. Many of the online classes I have taken have been in this format.

Today's journal page I did at 2 in the morning when I couldn't sleep. I just love that tape on the right side. I found it in a drawer the other day when I was looking for something else. I completely forgot about it. The background was done with water soluble oil crayons. I hadn't used them in awhile so it was fun playing with them again. I am slowly trying to take the ideas from Kelly Kilmer's class and incorporating other mediums and techniques of my own. It fun to see where that will take me next.


Lynn said...

Interesting books indeed! And lovely journal page with found ribbon.

Janet said...

The journal page is really beautiful. I love what you wrote.

And now I have to add two more books to my ever-growing list of books to buy!! Both of these look like ones I'd enjoy. Thanks....I think!!

sheri said...

Kate, thank you SO much for reviewing the book. I am thrilled you like it and I excite you have joined the Salon. I love the journal page...sacred moments. We all need them.


Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate,
Friendship is super gift,
Artistic vision is your gift,
fun is a gift for the soul,
peace, Kai

Renee said...

Holy crow Kate I just got a gret big hug and I know it came from you.

Your journal pages look fantastic.

Renee xoxo

Kim Mailhot said...

You are busy lady these days Kate, even in your dreams !
Loving the journal - that red is so rich !

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Hey Kate, I have a vision board in The Vision Board Book. It is my SOAR board. I was honored to be included!