Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 3

I feel much better today. Got to take a shower and wash my hair and the big bandage came off. It is amazing how sometimes the simplest things can make you feel so much better. I got all the staining off my fingers, I could sear it looked like nikel azo gold paint. The mark made on my finger with permanent marker will take a little longer to come off. Each day I have a little bit more mobility so that feels good.

Thanks to all of you who left kind wishes for me, I really do appreciate it.

Dave was home so we went out to breakfast and then to Market Lake. I got to see a baby owl(great horned) in its nest. That was so cool. I wish that I had a picture of that for you. By the time D got to my location the baby owl had moved. Sometimes its only a moment in time. I have the picture in my head but that is all. It was so neat to see that. We also saw some snow geese, grebes, white faced ibis, sand hill cranes and various ducks including cinnamon teal and shoveler's. It was a nice morning.

I hope you had a chance to see some of the earth's beauty today.


craftyhala said...

Yay for the shower and washing the yellow off.
With my neck surgery I was so happy after my first shower. It was a week I had to wait!

tinker said...

Glad your surgery went well and that you're feeling better, Kate.
Seeing that owl baby sounds so cool. How amazing just to see that...
Wishing you quick healing!

Kim Mailhot said...

So glad you are healing up well. Sounds like a walk like that was the best medicine in the universe !
Take good care !

Renee said...

Kate I am glad the surgery went well and also that you are up and about and feeling better.

Renee xoxo

gemma said...

So glad you are feeling better.
My daughter Amandas FIL took some great pics. One of them was of a great horned owl and owlet. Very cool I am going to eMail it to you.