Thursday, April 30, 2009

I feel a change coming

Since I did not write on Tuesday I set up a writing date with my writing buddy Kate. We met at the Villa at 10:00. Unfortunetly I brought my frustrated writer self with me. I can always figure out other peoples problems and help them see what is wrong and what they need to do so why can't I do that for myself. OK I thought I will try and pretend I am helping someone else. What questions would I ask this imaginary person. After some thought I came up with a series of questions. This was my list.

* Why do you want to write?
* What are your themes?
* What Is compelling to you about each story that you are considering?
* What would make your main character more interesting?
* What is it about the plot that is compelling to you?
* Why do you feel you need to write this story?
* Name ten ideas that you think are interesting to write about?
- Would these ideas work better as a short story or a novel?
* If you never finished either of these stories can you let go of the ideas and
move on to something else ?
* What is it that is really frustrating you?
* If you came up with a plan and a schedule would that work? Would you be willing
to follow a schedule?
* Would stepping away from the novel and writing a short story help you focus on
technique better?
* Would hiring a personal coach be the motivation you need?

Now several things resulted from this. I have been toying with the coach idea but really couldn't afford it before. I have some funds from my income tax return that I could devote to this. The only thing holding me back really is fear. So I proceeded to look at some of my favorite coaches sites and make a decision. I decided to do a free session with Jamie Ridler. I got to know her a little better when I did the 12 secrets book club and I seem to resonate with her. So I have scheduled an introductory session with her and then we'll decide if we are a good match. If so I will do a month of coaching and see where we go from there. After I made the decision I knew it was right, I had tears of joy as evidence. It was as though something was released from me. I see good things happening because of this decision

I continued on and started answering some of my own questions and came up with 2 short story ideas that I am excited about. So I think this asking your own questions of yourself can be a profound and motivating exercise. If you find you are stuck you might like to try this yourself.


tinker said...

Those are some great writing questions, Kate. Funny how it can be easier to help someone else, than ourselves, sometimes. Congrats to you on taking the leap to connect with a coach!

Lynn said...

Great idea, let the writing begin!

Kim Mailhot said...

Hi Kate !

Wonderful ! It sounds like you have given your self a perfect gift !

Did you read Leah's post today at Creative Every Day about dialoguing with your inner critic ? What you wrote here today fits right in with it.

Tears of joy are such a good thing ! I had some of those myself last night. More gifts ;-).

Happy Writing !

Shopgirl said...

I am a writer in my own mind, but to get it on paper is another story. I love this post.
Closet want to be writer, mary

Anonymous said...

Inspiring. Thank You.

violette said...

Great questions to ask yourself them! I'm excited that you took the step to have a session with a coach. I have found that coaches have helped me along my artistic journey!

Good luck!

Love, violette