Thursday, April 09, 2009

Finishing a Scarf

It took me awhile to finish this scarf, I just set it aside and forgot about it for some reason. So as I watched LOST last night I twisted fringe, it took several hours but I washed the scarf this morning and this is the result.

I am putting another scarf on the loom while I spend the time figuring out how to do my color sample fabric. Its another chenille one. It will be black with some lines of blues to make a window pane check. It was a warp I wound years ago and forgot about. I seem to be finding things lately and bringing them back to the forefront. Not sure what that means but it can't be a bad thing. The last time it was art supplies and this time weaving, hmm I wonder what will be next.

Last night I had writers dreams, first I there was the dream about Neil Gaiman(no ladies not that kind of dream). I met him somewhere and at first he was at the table and I wasn't aloud to go approach him or talk to him. A restriction was put on me. Then later we are having a conversation. When I mentioned that I was a writer and a weaver and a mixed media artist he was interested in talking to me. I guess I was not one of those hapless writers looking for advice or perhaps its the whole me that was interesting. Then I had a dream about Laini Taylor and it was something about being at a venue with her. I went and touched her hair and said wow your hair really is pink. Yes it was a stupid thing to say, but this is a dream. I think that was a result of reading her blog lately. She had been at some writers event and looks like she was having a blast with a whole group of other writers. Perhaps its something I want to experience.

I loved this question and answer on Neil Gaiman's blog today.

"What do you think is the best way to start writing a novel?"

I think the best way to start writing a novel is to start writing a novel.

I got a chuckle at that one because it is so true. We spend so much time thinking about doing it instead of just doing it. On that note I think I will go do some writing.

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