Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally some time for Stencil work

The wind dyed so I could get to the garage to do these. Its still cold but I managed to play a little.

Some of these I really liked and other not but I figured these are just backgrounds and other things will be put on top so that is ok. The crow is a stencil I cut. I like how it looks.

This was my attempts at a brighter color and I like it.

The dragonfly didn't come out too well but that alright, who knows maybe I will collage over it.

Not much to say about this one, just playing with different colors

This one had all these blotches of gold paint but I still added to it.

This one was a combination of reds and blacks. The frustrating thing is the colors look so much better in person than I can seem to photograph.

As you can see I had a little bit of difficulty stopping. This is really so much fun. Now I want more stencils and more colors of paint. I think I am hooked on this technique.


mary ann said...

kate - the volume of FUN you're having makes me smile. these really are gorgeous and i love the way you included the b&w photo. very cool. you're coming up w/ all sorts of ways to stencil on the page. i LOVE seeing this. i sense an addiction forming :-)))

Kim Mailhot said...

You've got so great backgrounds here, Kate ! You are on your way to being a Spray Painting Queen !

Happy spraying !

Janet said...

We still had wind here today so no spray painting. I love the ones you've done....and your choice of colors is really cool. I like the bright one, and I like the one you said had gold splotches. Sometimes I think accidents turn out to be good!!

Shopgirl said...

You and Janet will be painting up the town before we know it. No spray painting on fences!!
These are really fun to look at...keep up the good work, I will be waiting. Hugs, Mary

gemma said...

Hey just remembering what we were doing last year at this time.

tinker said...

Love that crow one especially, Kate.

Dan n Kai said...

Aloha Kate..
Just panning thru the Sedona pics and there you are :) smiles..

peace, Kai xx

Sheila said...

These are beautiful Kate, I love them...!