Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Heroes weekend

My friends Shirley and Cyndi were hear for the weekend and Shirley wanted to catch up on Heroes so I went and got Season 2 for them to watch. Well Cyndi hadn't seen it at all so we started at Season1 and 34 episodes later we actually finished. During the time we sat and spun yarn and knit and ate and took breaks and had a blast. I loved getting Cyndi hooked on it. I can't wait for September 22 now, that is when the new season starts. If you are a fan the DVD has an alternate ending for the last show. If there hadn't been a writers strike we would have seen a whole new scenario. The deleted scenes also reveal something about Hiro's father that I didn't know previously.

This past weekend Cyndi helped me with 2 knitting projects that I have set aside because of problems so now that I am happily knitting on them I am really thrilled. It was a great time of sharing laughter and of course plenty of eye candy.

Remodeling of sorts is till going on in the studio. Dave finished my second stamp holder and is working on a third. Then I can work on some other storage solutions. I am trying to come up with something to store ephemera and magazine clippings. I still don't like what I have been using. I may go back to keeping them in files again. If there are any brilliant ideas out there I would love to hear them.


Sioux said...

Just stopping by to send some love, Kate.


Kai said...

aloha Kate..
Im counting down the days.. Heroes and Villains..good stuff..
Peace, Kai xx

Janet said...

Wow....that's a lot of TV watching!! I saw the first season of Heroes but missed the second one so I'm way behind. I'm just waiting for "Lost"

If you figure out how to store ephemera I'd sure like to know. I've tried so many different ways and none of them really work all that good.

Pam Aries said...

hello! glad you are knitting again! well..i can't wait til Sunday when TRUBLOOD starts on HBO. Southern VAMPIRES..UHUH!