Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday

I have had these Tibetan flags for awhile and I finally hung them in my yard. Its windy here so they tend to get caught up in the trees so I have to rescue them once in awhile but I like them out there.

I like the idea that they are sending prayers out there to the world. I can walk out in my yard and it gives me such pleasure to see them there.

We needed to straighten this apple tree so I put up another set so we wouldn't run into the rope holding the tree in place. This is a smaller set. I hung this at my campsite when I was camping in New Mexico.

Soon these babies will be ready to eat. We don't get many because the tree is a dwarf but I am sure there will be enough for some yummy apple pie.

I hope you get some time to spend outdoors enjoying the splendor of fall.


Lorraine said...

HI KATE! Love the flags and had lots of fun going through recent posts looking at your organized studio. I think I have studio envy. I keep saying I'm going to get really organized (working takes up way too much time) and throw things out or recycle...and then I get know how it goes...Lorraine

tinker said...

I love the idea of hanging the flags, not only at home, but also at your campsite, Kate.
Your apples look great - ours are were early this year, and are almost done now. Enjoy!

paris parfait said...

Those flags are beautiful. I love the meaning and hopefulness of them. And your apples - wow! They remind me of an apple orchard my friends had. I can imagine the pies will be delicious! Enjoy.

violette said...

oh i love your flags kate! Beautiful! They will look awesome when they disintegrate too! I love my flags as well. The sentiment of the prayers going out to the neighbourhood is lovely don't you think?

love violette