Friday, August 29, 2008

Spinning once more

I am loving the True Vision Journaling book. It is really fantastic. I finished the SARK book and it was really good too. Refreshed me with old ideas I knew and some new techniques to keep me going.

Some of you know I am an Barack Obama supporter. I was invigorated by his speech last night. You know if he managed only 10% of what he said this country would be so much better but I know he'll be able to do so much more. I swear that McCain's choice for VP has to be a gift for the Democrats. I look forward to seeing the debate between Palin and Biden. I think he'll be having her for lunch. I haven't been enthused by politics in years. I do believe that Yes We Can this time.

On to other things now. I've got company coming for the weekend. Some spinning friends from Salt Lake. I have been working on this in the meantime.

Its the fleece from my old ram Robbie. Its a beautiful silver grey. I would love to make myself a sweater or a vest, maybe with some cables or other texture. I am preparing the fiber on wool combs so it is coming out very nice to spin

This is some of the singles yarn spun. I plan to get a whole lot more done this weekend. Perhaps a skein and a sample swatch soon. It looks much better in person.

Have a great weekend....


Gillian said...

OH yes, a chunky warm cable knit. So chic!! Even nicer than that, you are making it by hand. So much more special.
Show us if you can the completed project.

Claire said...

his wool is such a gorgeous colour :o)
a chunky sweater would be yummy xxx

Anonymous said...

You are so talented Kate! Your so right, it is beautiful with the gray and silver. A sweater sounds wonderful, I do hope that you take a picture and share it with us! Can't wait to see!!!!

Gemma said...

Kate this is really cool. I'd love to watch you do this. If you feel like it can you make a little video of you spinning?
Hope you enjoyed the weekend.

Flassie's Fil'a said...

Oh and video of you doing this
is a great idea!

I was wonder Kate since you know
alot about yarn. Why does yarn
make those little balls after
they washed. Should I be washing
by hand and air dry or is it I need to buy a better yarn or a certain type of yarn?

GOD Bless You and Yours and Thanks for any information you can give me.