Monday, September 29, 2008

Peace Book

This is my last round robin in the series of books I have been working on since last year. The theme was Peace. I focused on how I find peace in my own life.

On this first one I did a technique that I find fun and that is to paint beyond the boundaries of a picture to make it bigger. I love walking on beaches and shores and of course collecting rocks.

I have used this Angel image over and over, I really like her. I found some embossed wallpaper scraps at Lowe's and painted over them. That was so much fun that I may have to just buy a roll of the stuff.

I do love gardens and love sitting on a bench in them and spending some quiet contemplative time there.

This is the thing I do most when I want to feel peaceful. I do a Buddhist meditation that focuses on the breath. I like to use Thich Nhat Hahn's book Blooming of a Lotus. It has very simple meditations that are really easy to do.

I had lots of problems with this one. I think I re-painted the clothes several times and the background too. I was trying to stamp a Roman column on the page and then I added some other things and it kept getting worse. So I had to pull the embellishments off and paint over the page and begin again. I hate when this happens to a project that you are sending to a friend.


judie said...

Hi Kate. Your "peace" work is wonderful and soothing. xoxoxo

PJ said...

I absolutely love your PEACE journal...what a simple, yet sooooo meaningful piece of work. I think we should all make ourselves one. Your an inspiration!

Gemma said...

I really like that painting!
and other peace pages.
A few blogging buddies and I have been doing a round robin for about 6 months now. Today I got my completed book. It's awesome.

Sharon said...

Hi Kate, very nice peace pages. I caught up with you yesterday but didn't stop to say HI.
ps. found the name on the lily napkin.

Lynn said...

These are lovely.