Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Book of Hope

It really feels like fall. I almost feel like having a fire but I think I will wait. I have been having a comfort food craving. I am going to make some macaroni and cheese. I have the noodles on to boil, soon I will be grating cheese and making a white sauce and then put it all together. Yumm I can taste it already.

I have been working on this round robin book on the subject of hope. I thought you might like to see my pages.

This is page one I really liked the image of this little angel. I thinking times of despair we all pray even if that is not something we would normally do

I got this image of this girl from my friend Elise and just added words here on living fully.

I liked this quote and the images just seemed to be want to be part of this page. i was playing with color on the background....

I used a paper napkin for the background on this. If you have never used napkins try them as they are really cool. A napkin has 3 layers, you just pull them apart and attach to the page with gel medium

This image just drew me to the idea of hope. I see the women here just discovering something sad and I see her reaching out for hope in the next frame....

So now I move on to work on the last round robin book, the subject Peace. It should be wonderful to work on.


Olivia said...

Beautiful, Kate. I especially resonate with the last one. The macaroni looks YUMMY! xxoo, O

Gemma said...

All of these pages are great.
Our round robin book exchange is almost finished too. I will miss it.

Kai said...

Aloha Kate, are you watching FRINGE tomorrow??
PEace, Kai