Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday- Self Care

Its Scared Life Sunday again and you get to see my pretty toes. Ever since I saw someone do this ( paint there toenails different colors) I have wanted to try it. For me it is all about self care. I am into my fourth season of the 100 Day Reality Challenge and I had decided I would spend the next 100 days working on self care.

So what does this have to do with Scared Life Sunday you might ask. With this exercise I think that I can decide what is Sacred. To me taking care of yourself is Sacred in many ways. In the past it was something I didn't spend much time doing. In a busy life taking that extra time to put lotion on your feet or paint your nails or to get enough sleep seems to take too much time. In the 7 days I have been working on this I am finding that when I take care of me, I feel better. It frees me up to be able to do more of the things I want. I find I accomplish more and then I feel better because I get more done. It really benefits you in many ways.

So today do something simple and Sacred for yourself.


Pam Aries said... you realize you Fruedian-ly mistyped sacred to scared a couple of times!! I just thought this was interesting..because of beibg scared to do things sometimes! whoa!!... Don't change it. Lately I have been scared of a thing or two. Anyway, thanks for your words of support and inspiration!

Kai said...

Aloha Kate..
I so, so need a good massage and shoulder work done..
Me thinks this qualifies as self care? lol..
Peace, Kai