Monday, September 22, 2008

High Desert Writers

It is definetly Fall this morning, its overcast and windy and cold out there. I find that I want to stay in my cocoon I have created here in my little neck of the woods. It seems like a day to stay in my pajamas all day.

My peaches are finally starting to ripen, I hope the weather holds off till the are ready to eat.

Flynn thinks the weather is just great

My swing looks forlorn blowing in the slight wind we are having today. I could be sitting out there just whiling away the day but its so much cooler that I want to be in doors making this,

You know that looks so good I think I will really make some.

High Desert Writers

I have been on the computer all morning setting up the calender for the High Desert Writers. Oh I forgot to mention that we are now an official group. Those wonderful writers that I met last November. We have jumped by leaps and bounds this past week. Not only are we reading each others work but we have a name and our very own Yahoo Group. I have wanted to get some good publicity for NaNoWriMo this year so I spent the morning also sending off emails to all the TV stations here, there are 3 plus the 2 newspapers. Hopefully one of them will do a story on our group and get some new writers out there writing novels.

Artists Creed

I saw this video on Violette's site It really is beautiful so enjoy it. Its on creativity and its by Jan Phillips. She makes awesome videos.


Kai said...

aloha Kate,
yes, I was seriously thinking about writing another novel for nano-write mo..
I like that you've got a good group going.. That helps so much.
peace, Kai

craftyhala said...

My husband made cornbread just last night...cornbread and chili...yumm.