Thursday, September 04, 2008

How do you store ephemera

Ok all you collage and mixed media people, How do you store your ephemera? Right now my stuff is in a 12 x 12 drawer that is maybe 2" deep. Yes, there is more than one drawer and of course I can never find anything I am looking for.

I was looking at Zorana's blog this morning and saw she had these photo box looking organizers. She didn't say what she used them for but I thought I wonder if they would be good for ephemera. I am thinking ok a box for things like tickets words etc and perhaps another for brads and metal things and maybe another for ribbons etc and so forth. I don't know if that will work or not.

So anyways please leave me a comment and let me know what you use to store your stuff....


Janet said...

I have a set of three 12" x 12" drawers plus several of the decorative boxes....but I can never find that one image I know I have! I also have three 12" x 12" file containers and have some things in special files but that doesn't seem to work either! I sure hope you get lots of ideas on this post....I'll be watching for ideas.

morganna said...

I have a 6-inch deep and a 3-inch deep drawer, plus assorted boxes. I always try to group like things together in smaller boxes, containers, ziploc bags. I collect little containers (a box just for them, too) and put small things in a little container, then in a box or drawer. I also have a couple flat, clear boxes that fit in the big drawer. I have a separate box for paper -- I used aluminum foil to separate kinds of paper all lying flat in the box -- hope that makes sense. My biggest idea is that like goes with like. It works for me. Elizabeth