Thursday, September 25, 2008

Further explorations in painting faces

In my never ending quest to paint faces I have been trying some of the techniques from Kelli Rae's book Taking Flight. I know I keep talking about it but its my favorite book of late. I thought I would share a little of my process. I am sorry that I did not take more pictures while I was working

This page was one I had pre prepped and it was very textured before I even began. It was probably not the best surface for a face. I had a magazine photo that I used as a reference. You can see it in the background. I made a rough sketch and used several layers of golden's titanium white for the face.

I then added Shiva paintsticks for the face, Titanium white and burnt sienna for just the skin and blended them with my fingers I used Golden fluid acrylics on the eyes and lips, hair etc. the hair is raw umber and raw sienna, eyes are cerulean and some turquoise. The clothes were some fluids and folk art craft paint.

I stamped a background of leaves but didn't like it so I had to paint over it. Plus I wanted to get rid of the number 3. The background is lighter now. Then I used stamping ink with the stamp instead of paint and it worked better. I changed the color of the clothes a couple times. These are the first hands I have tried, they aren't great but at lease you can recognize that its a hand. I think this is the first one that I have really liked. I think its time to work on a canvas next.


Cindy Dean said...

Great job on your painting Kate! Are you going to Art & Soul???

Janet said...

I think the face looks great! I'm you get more out of Kelli's book than you did from Paulette's class? I have the book and have been reading it but don't have the paintstiks yet so haven't tried her technique.

tinker said...

Cool painting!
I haven't tried Shiva paintsticks, but they look and sound like fun.

Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

Good work Kate!
I am dying to get my hands on those Shiva paintsticks...they are supposed to be fab on fabric too. They're a bit spendy but they're on my short list of new supplies.
I will check out this book soon. I LOVE doing faces and it's all I draw when just watching TV. I still have to master the 3/4 turn of a face...but practice is the key!

Shopgirl said...

Your getting it...The it meaning you have found your way to a new place in art. This is lovely,
Hugs, Mary
It is beautiful here in South Idaho, hope you are the same.

Happy Fall!