Friday, August 22, 2008

In Missoula

I am up in Missoula enjoying a little quiet. I brought Sarah up yesterday and she's all settled back into her apartment. Here is how the morning went. I ventured out this morning and bought some food to cook breakfast. I didn't get lost either. I came back and cooked the kids breakfast and then I while they cleaned the house I went to visit my friend Jullie. She is my age and has gone back to school here. She is in her senior year and has taken on the job as a house mother for a sorority.

I found her place and we visited for awhile and then went to a quilt store which was very nice. It was great to see her.

Then I met back up with the kids to see The Dark Knight. I liked it and really liked the music too. you can't beat a flick with Christian Bale in it. Great eye candy. Heath Ledger was really incredible. While watching I found it hard to believe it was him.

... and yes I have been to the bookstore. I found some beautiful papers. I'll have to show pics of them later, they were really gorgeous. I had to get a new moleskine sketchbook as mine is almost full.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the papers that you have gotten. I haven't seen "The Dark Knight" yet. Plan on it though. :) Alot of people say that it's good. :) I hope that your daughter loves her new apartment.

Sioux said...

Sounds like a beautiful day!

Gillian said...

Christian Bale hmmmm? I'll have to check him out. I don't think I've seen anything with him in it.

Glad you enjoyed the movie though, aren't movies great!!!!
I love the escapism they provide.