Monday, August 11, 2008

Studio in Upheaval

I just wanted to clean out the bedroom closet and now I am doing a revamp of my studio. I have so much stuff the room keeps getting smaller and smaller. I thought to move the sewing machine to the bedroom but then it really changes the haven that I see that room being. I ended up moving an old computer desk I had all my beads on upstairs. I still haven't found a desk I like so I have been doing with out. So the computer and printer are upstairs. We have a counter top in the garage that Dave used to use as a desk. I will have him install it where the desk used to be. I moved a bookshelf to the other side of the room and moved the sewing table to where the bookshelf was. I am thinking about getting one of those tables that fold down on both sides and take little room so I can have a big table when I need it. Right now the table I have just becomes a dumping ground so its not working well. I am thinking more shelves to store some of my storage containers of supplies. I think the main goal is to leave all the counters clean so I have plenty of work space. I had bought a fixture at linens n things to store my stamps but I can't find any attachments for it locally so Dave is trying to make me something. I won't scare you with any pictures because it really is a mess. You'll get some when its done though.

Then I thought of the 3 huge totes of fabrics I have that I will never use so I plan to go through it and at least reduce it to one. Our church is having a garage sale in 2 weeks, so there is come incentive to get it over there and let them deal with it. It turns out that most of the fabric is really items I started and never finished. As I sit and look at the suit and skirts and pajamas and blouses almost finished I can't help but wonder who was this person who did all this. Why is everything at different stages of completion, what was I doing that I couldn't finish any of it. Now the decisions are what to do with it. Much of what I have would be a gold mine for doll makers, I hate tossing it. I did decide to send most of the remnants to a thrift store and hope that the right people find it. Giving up and letting go is really hard sometimes. When I see the little outfits I was making for Sarah still in progress it brings tears to my eyes, now where did all those years go...

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Lisa "Oceandreamer" S. said...

How well I know what this is like........the more you dig and sort the more you find and wonder that "why did I keep this?" When I did my studio I really had to FORCE myself in to NOT saying "but maybe I can use this for something later". That time doesn't happen and just gets stored again.
I hope you'll share photos of your revamp! It makes for a clearer mind when creating, doesn't it?