Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Journal Pages

I worked on this page last night and then this morning finished it off. It felt good to be putting it all on paper. I really love this picture of Sarah and me. It was not a pose at all. She just put her arms around me when Kyle had the camera and he captured such a beautiful moment. I need to thank him for that.

Well the lunch out I thought I was going to apparently was a mis-communication. I went to Michaels instead and bought this.

I think I may spend the afternoon looking at its wonderful pages, it looks like a good issue but then all of them usually are. Blogger has been problematic so now its a day later and I haven't finished this post.

I have talked about doing Sarah Whitmore's soul journal pages. Well I thought I would make a journal just for them but then I changed my mind. I made the journal anyways. This was a kit from 7Gypsies. I used the paper I bought in Taos and then uses some gold moire paper for the inside.

I just need to sew in the signatures. I like the way it looks.

I really liked Sarah's idea of making an Soul Armor and here is mine. I took the clip art from here and combines a few of the images. I used water color pencils and then a niji brush for my color. I thought adding myself into the armor was a great idea. Don't I look awesome! You can click on it to see it a little better.


Janet said...

I love your Soul Armor! I also used watercolor pencils and a waterbrush on mine!! And I love the cover of your new journal.

Olivia said...

Beautiful and inspirational to see, Kate. Reading your blog and seeing your ideas helps me to have the courage to be more creative. Love, O