Saturday, August 23, 2008

Missing her already

I am back from Missoula and slowly trying to put things back in order again. It was a short trip. Sarah is all set for the next semester. Its always hard for me to let go and today was no different. I guess it never truly gets easier, maybe we just learn to cope better. i am hoping that being busy in the coming week will make all the transitions easier. Its like there is this incredible silence now. There is now a void in my life that was filled up before, an ache in my heart that just can't be filled. OK enough sadness, it is time to get to other things.

Here I am being hugged by Sarah, I think the picture turned out really cute

This is my friend Jullie, she is a fiber artist and writer studying at U of Montana. We had a great visit together. We headed out to a quilt store on Friday and Saturday we went to the Farmers Market which was amazing. She is the house mom for a sorority and she gave me a tour of the house and I got to meet some of the girls and so forth. She has a really nice apartment she gets to live in. It will be nice to be able to visit her whenever I am in Missoula.

Here are the papers I bought This blue is a deep blue and the surface design is silver.

I fell in love with the pink one first, I hadn't realized they were both embossed with silver until I got them home. I still like them even though they are similar.

The third one looks like moire fabric, the actual color is the blue on the right. I do not know why the picture came out grey. It just shimmers. I think all these papers will really be fun to work with.

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Janet said...

It must be so hard to let go. Just fill your time with art and writing and the void will get a little smaller.

Those papers are beautiful!!