Saturday, August 16, 2008

My new shelf

Work on my studio continues, it goes so slow. This is the shelf that Dave made to hold my stamps. It took an entire week to get this done since parts are glued and then we wait 24 hours and then the next section is done. I haven't decided if I will paint the shelf or just varnish it. I am going to mount on the wall above the counter top that he installed. Plans are to make another one that will hold the smaller stamps better. Then we will see what else can be done. I really do have a lot of stamps. It will nice to be able to see them. The new counter top works great. My table top easel fits on it really well. Before I had to move everything off the desk to set the easel up so this will work much better.

We installed an overhead light above my sewing machine table and of course to do that I had to move everything off the table and then move the table and then put it all back. I feel like I have cleaned off every surface a dozen times. Once I get it done I end up going through other drawers and weeding out some of the stuff and there I am finding new places for everything and one big mess again. I know this will continue more and more before its done but its hard living through it all. For those of you with nice orderly workspaces consider yourself blessed.


Janet said...

That's a great shelf for your stamps....and you do have a bunch! If you learn any more secrets about organizing your space please share them. I keep trying to get mine the way I want it, and in a way that will work for me but so far it's only halfway there.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I think I have my space the way I want it, I find something that doesn't work so well. I've decided getting organized is an ever-evolving process and am just trying to honor the journey.

LOVE that shelf!!