Thursday, May 08, 2008

Some visuals

I have been posting so much with no visuals ready so I am thought I need to fix that.

I attended our church fund raising auction last Friday and came home with this watercolor painting done by my minister. She said it was painted from a scene from Pike's Peak Market in Seattle. I only paid 20.00 so it was quite a deal.

Here is the shawl I started this week. Its is not a very good picture.

So here are the yarns that I am using

These are 2 pages I did of mementos from Phoenix and Sedona. That purple blob is the wrapper from some fantastic chocolate that Nicci brought. I never knew that wine and dark chocolate were such a good combination.

After watching Lisa O drawing in Sedona I thought I would try my hand at a dread lock girl. She was fun and I kept wanting to draw them even more. I hope she doesn't mind. I will probably add some writing or something else to this page not sure yet what. I used those tapes I got previously and miscellaneous paper layered over soft pastels. I love how when you blend them you get all sorts of different colors.

One thing that happened in Sedona is I got to watch some of my favorite people create art and in the process learned a lot about the supplies I already own. I never really used my Twinkling H2O's much but now I do after watching Nicci, Violette and Lisa using them. I also never thought to take a paint brush to oil pastels or watercolor crayons. I used them all mainly as backgrounds using them as is. Now that I can use a small paintbrush with them they are so much more usable for all sorts of things. I also just realized that set of markers I got awhile ago are water soluble, hmmm another way to use them. Its like getting a whole new set of tools. Thanks girls


tinker said...

I like the flower painting your minister did - I think that's so cool, that she's an artist too.
Your shawl looks awesome - the colors remind me of the ocean.
Glad you're having fun with your art supplies!

Gemma said...

I love the water soluable oil pastels Lisa used. It was a wonderful experience. Glad you are able to spend some time doing art.
When are you going to Taos?

MissKoolAid said...

Love the dread lock girl you made!

I, personally, like dark chocolate (good quality stuff only) with a small glass of Porto Wine...