Friday, May 09, 2008

Black and White

My first pet was a cat name Snooker and she looked like this.

Then I have always liked these guys.

These two are favorites too!

These are favorites also, I love looking at all the different stripes. Now is it white on black or black on white

Then here is my dog Flynn, can you see a pattern here.

At the Glitter Gathering Lisa Oceandreamer made these little totes for everyone. The pockets are for all of us to decorate in our own way. Its a nice little size and holds a journal and a slew of art supplies easily.

Then I found this yesterday at Target, it reminded me so much of the bag I thought I need this little guy. I got such strange pleasure out of looking at this little bag, not sure why. I usually admire all the bags other people have but never buy them for myself. Usually I am all about color but there is something in the simplicity of black and white that draws me to it.


Julie said...


Regarding zebras, they are definitely black on white!

Do you click on my sidebar, ever? Leanne of "Somerset Seasons" has a number of b/w cats (5, I think), plus two lovely, lovely dalmatians. The photos she takes of all of them are so gorgeous because of the color patterns!!!

Often the cats and the dogs are snoozing together!

Janet said...

In view of my recent art funk, these pictures were fantastic! I've never thought about how much beauty there is in black and white! Thank you for opening my eyes!

My first kitty was black and white, too! I was very young and named it "Boots" because of it's white feet. Very original!!

Cindy Dean said...

Love all the black and white!