Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vacation- not as planned

It has not turned out to be the trip I expected. We planned 10 days and we have already been back home twice. This included a 60 mile drive to a clinic, a late night run home and a trip to the emergency room, then back up to the park and the next day to have one of my crowns come out. I was beginning to wonder if we should be in Yellowstone or not.

My raven buddy.

To make a long story short Dave wasn't feeling good and he passed out in the trailer while I was out walking the dog. After several calls to friends I got a hold of Debbie who is a nurse. She thought it was his blood pressure. The clinic in Mammoth was closed so we had to drive 60 miles to Old Faithful. After getting looked at there Dave had his BP taken lying down sitting up and standing. The last reading was 70/50 which is not good. They wanted to put fluids in him, a 3 hour procedure and take him to the hospital by ambulance or we could just drive back home and go to the emergency room here. We went for the latter. We didn't get to the hospital till 1:30 am as we had to drive back to the trailer and get the dog and then drive another 5 hours out of the park and back home.

They did a zillion tests and gave him an IV and he was doing much better and seems ok now. The wanted to do a stress test but we had to wait till Tuesday to make an appointment, due to the holiday so we went back up to the park for a couple days. We cam home Monday night hoping we could get his appointment today and then be able to go back but we have to wait until Thursday. The Dr. thinks it was a combination of just having been on steroids for his back and the prostrate meds that cause dizziness and his blood pressure meds. He has gone off the BP meds and the prostrate medicine so we'll see how it goes. Now if that wasn't enough one of my crowns came loose. Then the battery of the trailer wouldn't hold a charge so we had to recharge it every night. I began to think what is going to happen next.If all goes well we'll head back up to the park Thursday afternoon and perhaps have a little bit left of our vacation.

I did manage to see some wildlife and will have pictures of wolves, bighorn sheep, black bears, and ravens to share later.


PJ said...

Oh, my...hope everything turns out ok...I'm sure that was very scary!! Take care.

Olivia said...

Dear Kate,

I hope that Dave is ok. It makes sense what the doctor said about the interaction with the meds. I hope that's what it was. And that you get to relax some, whether or not you go back to the park. I wish you both plenty of rest and calm, Love, O

artbrat said...

So sorry to hear about all the medical probelms Dave is having. I hope the stress test results are good. Wishing you lots of peace. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

Lisa S. Oceandreamer said...

OMG Kate......that's a lot to happen in a few days. I hope Dave is feeling better and being off the meds helps. You're really a determined duo that's for sure!
I hope you are able to squeeze a bit more time out of your vacation and relax.

Sharon said...

Your raven buddy is beautiful. Too much stuff going on and I'll be thinking about you and hoping for the best.

Alberta & Ava said...

Yoiu and Dave deserve a vacation after that vacation. Perhaps somewhere under the Tuscan sun?