Friday, May 02, 2008

A day out

I was feeling in a funk this morning so I felt I had to turn it around. Thoughts become things so I decided to change them and make my day a fantastic one. I started by doing these pages in my little journal.

In this one I use pieces of a paper bag that my Japanese daughter sent a present in. The Japanese package everything so fun that when Sarah gets packages I save all of it to use again. It was the polka dot paper and the little sticker of a purse.

I just made a background with layers of stamps, this was fun.

Then I went to town and found this tissue paper at big lots, it looks green but its black and at .80 it was a deal. Then I headed to Roberts our local craft store and got a new micron pen and an angle brush since I forgot to clean my old one and the acrylic paint would not come off of it.

I found these tapes at Michaels.

Next I found this book and an atlas at a thrift store. The book is about a new york couple who leave the rat race for a garden in the south of France. Some escapist reading is always good.

These note cards I got at the Dollar Tree. It turned out to be a fun day. I did some art and I found some goodies at great prices, what fun that was.


Sheila said...

Glad you were able to turn your day around Kate, and snag some deals while you were at it.
Have a great weekend..!

Beverly Keaton Smith said...

Wow Kate, you really know how to turn a day around....very inspiring...and a good reminder of the impact of perspective and thoughts....

craftyhala said...

Sounds like a good day.
Katie and I did deep cleaning of the house and it was pretty good...I usually avoid housework. ;)

Janet said...

You sure did make the most of your day! I really like your pages....and you found some great bargains. Love that tissue paper!

For your brush with the hardened paint, try this: heat some lemon juice (I've also used vinegar) in the microwave, then soak the hardened may take several tries but this will usually work to soften the bristles again.

KaiBlueCreations said...

You are an eternal optimist Kate. The art you do has such depth, it's lovely.
thank you for sharing your day,
Peace, Kai xx

Leah said...

good for you! it's always great when you can turn a day around like that. the journal pages look great!