Monday, May 19, 2008

Silk Painting

Here is a little mermaid that I drew yesterday and painted with twinkling H2o' she was lots of fun to do.

I got this baby at the fiber fair, its like a Mary Poppins bag. She is made of woven fabric and has feet too, I love it.

I took a class on silk painting and really loved it. I tried photographing the scarf I made but it never looked good so here at least is a picture of the butterfly that was in the center. I had dragonfly's at either end and the butterfly in the middle with swirls of purple color between them.

Then I tried this drawing of faces and I made a lot of mistakes so some of them look a lot like aliens but it still was a lot of fun. The color is more intense than it looks here. I really want to do more of these.


craftyhala said...

Aliens on silk! It looks like...well like it would be difficult to do the silk painting. I like all you have here and woah baby...I like the mermaid. :)

Sharon said...

I think you are onto something with those faces. Love them.

Tan said...

Your silk paintings are super!