Friday, September 21, 2007

The Thread Project Events

Here I am with one of my favorite people, the author Sue Monk Kidd. She is just the nicest person. I had met her at a talk in Park City, Utah but that talk was brief due to the crowds. This time I had a longer conversation and that was great. I can tell you that they are going to film a Secret Lives of Bees with Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah playing major roles. Sue is best friends with Terry Helwig and she was the reason I got involved with the Thread Project in the first place. I had read about it in her newsletter.

Here I am with Terry the founder of The Thread Project. She is really to be commended, she was given an idea and she followed through on it. I wonder where the world would be if we all followed up on our ideas.

The first night was a celebration to meet the weavers and just socialize. That was really a fun evening. Pam and I really enjoyed the free flowing wine and the wonderful food.

Here is a group out on the porch catching those wonderful evening breezes. We managed to meet a great group of women from Atlanta. Unfortunetly that picture came out blurry. These women met on spiritual trips and became friends. I met a lot of women going through transitions or big changes in their lives, it was awesome hearing all their stories. The owner of the Sophia Institute was quite the role model. She found herself in a career she didn't like, gave it up and bought property and created this great retreat center. Her story was quite inspiring.

On day 2 of the Thread project events all the weavers met to tell their stories and to have them recorded. There were 19 weavers present out of 47 so that was a pretty good showing. We were mostly from the US and one came from Canada and one from El Salvador. Every one of the weavers had a wonderful story to tell.

Here we are listening to stories. To the left is Carolyn Rivers the owner of the Sophia Institute and then to her right is Judith Crone the weaving consultant who wove the first and last panels, and then Susan Ryles who made the clay buttons and a few weavers whose names I do not know. Please remember all pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Julie Marie said...

So neat to see a photo of you with Sue Monk Kidd. I loved "The Secret Life of Bees" and "The Mermaid Chair." I am thrilled to see the former will be made into a movie.


KaiBlueCreations said...

all of these ladies have kindness in their eyes, which is something I look for when meeting people.. lovely folks indeed. Thank you for posting the pictures of your visit Kate, it's been delightful..
You ready for April? lol..
PEace, Kai