Saturday, September 22, 2007

One World, One Cloth

The Third Thread Project event was held in the Evening of that same day. These first pictures were taken a few days later. I went back to see the panels again when there were less people and easier to photograph.

Hope Materializing

Threaded Harmony

Ariadne's Prayer

Weaving Reconciliation

Dawn Looming

Lienzo Luminoso (Cloth of Light)

Sophia's Mantle

The event was held at City Gallery which is right on the waterfront. Here was the outside. The evening started with a one act play performed my local actors. It chronicled Terry's story and some of the stories people sent in with their threads. It was fantastic. Then the exhibit was officially opened.

This is the banner on the outside of the City Gallery.

Here I am next to the cloth that I wove on.

This big ball of threads are what was left over, I think it symbolizes the world with all its similarities and different threads.

Here is a close up of the button holding my cloth together. It is teak and it is from Thailand.

This was from on different panel on Weaving Reconciliatioin. I thought the Disco ball was so funny.

This is a close up of the button on Hope Materializing. These buttons were made by Susan Ryles and were the words Hope in many different languages.

A close up the fringe on Hope materializing. I thought it was interesting that this particular weaver attached some threads to make the fringe.

On my fringe I added beads, like Chinese coins, Peruvian ceramics, Japanese and Czech glass beads etc. I also wove my cloth while listening to music from all over the world, including John Lennon singing "Let's Give Peace a Chance".


KaiBlueCreations said...

It's funny how this effected me, I scrolled down trhu the different pictures, then went back to
Weaving Reconciliation which for some reason holds my attention. I love this idea and think it's brilliant of you to give so much time to such a worthy thing!!
PEace, Kai xx

altermyworld said...

oh Kate this project has touched my heart. I am amazed at this ladys vision, amazed at all the weavers and amazed with the concept of world peace and so many women coming together, thank you for the lovely pics. i loved them