Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Art Journals

Look what I received from my friend Ginger yesterday. She asked if I could stop by her office since she had something for me. I was totally surprised and I love my Writing Lady. She will come in handy as Nanowrimo is right around the corner. I will need all the help I can get. People tell me that the second year is harder than the first. Oh well, Iam up to the challenge.

My computer is all boxed up and ready for Fed Ex to come pick it up. Dave is letting me use his computer while mine is in the shop so to speak. They say 7-9 business days in the shop and if you add shipping times, it could be gone 3 weeks or more. I will be happy if I have it back in time for Nanowrimo which is November 1st.

Ok now to my subject. I was on my friend Janet's blog Lavender Loft and she talked about seeing these Utube videos on art Journaling that were really good. After seeing them I have to agree. Check them out here
Also go to Suziblu's site and there is a 3rd video. She is fun and engaging and she will get you past the fear into creating your own art journals.

I tried the Portfolio water soluble oil pastels that she demonstrates with and they are fantastic. They are great to blend with your fingers, I've added water too and the color really intensifies them. If you can't find them locally there are amny places on the web that have them.

I had been doing some pages in a journal but I struggle like everyone else. I think oh why can't my art pages look as good as Judy Wise or Teesha Moore or Violette's . Well I realize that they are never going to look like theirs, they will only look like mine. I need to just create from where I am that day. No one else will be able to make pages like mine either. I think that is the beauty of the whole thing. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and just bring our own individual creations out there to the world. You never know someone else someday will say Oh I wish my pages looked like Kate's,(insert your name here) I love the colors she use and the images just stand out, or some other nonsense yada yada yada....

On that note this a page out of my Art Journal, its about a man and his dog whom I met on Monday.

I usually don't due these but this was simple so here we are:

You Were a Whale

You see the unseen and connect on the deepest level.
You help others find their soul's song.

Quote of the Day: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else." ~Judy Garland


Janet said...

The Writing Lady is fantastic! What a nice gift. I hope your computer comes back soon and you get to do Nanowrimo.

I absolutely love what you had to say about your art journal. I needed to hear that because I do the same thing....I look at other's pages and wonder why mine don't look like that.

Love the story on your page, and the image, and all the rest of it!!

LMS(oceandreamer) said...

What a wonderful gift you received...Lani's ladies are so lovely and this one is definitely perfect for you!
I have watched SuziBlu's videos before, all of them in fact. She is engaging, charming, adorable and her philosophy of doing art spot on. She definitely gave some great instruction for art journals. I have those Portfolio pastels....(are you surprised?heehee)Of all the various brands I have of water soluble pastels THOSE are my favorite and are used a LOT! You are so right about not trying to do art as others do. I get caught up in that from time to time....suddenly comparing and contrasting and then I lose my OWN focus and voice.
Speaking of voice, loved talking to you the other day!!!
AND one last thing on this rambling comment....I HOPE your Mermaid for the swap will be sent out tomorrow afternoon, at the latest Monday!

tinker said...

I love Laini's Ladies - how fun you have the writing muse to watch over you and cheer you on.