Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Freezing

Well not really, its just cold. I left the house this morning in a crew neck t-shirt, a sweater and a jacket and pants. It was pouring rain and cold. I am home now and have a fire lit. I am warm when I am by the fire but not anywhere else.

Heroes season opener is today. Oh what fun that'll be. We just watched the last episode so we'd be ready for tonight. There is nothing like having an obsession.

Just when I think I am finished with the Charleston trip I remember something. This is the page that Pam did in my book,


Something for for my Fiber Arts friends. I spun these 3 skeins of silk and they all look totally different. Any time I have green or teal colors I have a hard time photographing them. I am not sure how I will use them but they are pretty.

One thing I like to do every year is to re-wax my spinning wheels. The wood loves it and they look so nice when done. It occurred to me that I have not use d my Jensen Production wheel in some time. After the wax job I began spinning the cotton I started a long time ago. A picture of white cotton is mot very interesting, I know but the wheel is looking pretty.

This is some buffalo I am spinning on my other wheel.. It is very fine and really needs to be spun long draw. It should make a fine 2 ply and I will probably make a small scarf out of it.

Art Journal

I have been working on that journal. I gessoed all the pages and then painted them with a variety of colors for backgrounds. Not I just need to wait to journal on them. I did make one major error, I forgot that you need to sometimes remove papers so the book will close. This book was not anywhere near closing, so I ended up removing the pages. After I have used them all up I'll make a cover for it. Here are a few sample pictures. On some I used watercolor so the look is subtle and on others I used acrylics and stamps and other tools. I got these sequin screens in Misty Mawn's class that make great designs.

This was done with watercolors so it is very light and subtle.

I have stamped on this one with a dragonfly stamp.

I used some heavy bodied acrylics here along with some stamps.


Sarah gave me a surprise request last night. She asked me to make her a sweater. She grew up with all this spinning and weaving and really had no interest in it whatever. So I am excited that she want me to make her something. He request was a charcoal gray pullover sweater with a crew neck, long sleeves and some texture in the knitting. I know she want this as soon as possible so I will be looking for a simple pattern I can use. I am not sure I have enough yarn in that color so I may need a trip to the yarn shop too! I guess your kids really do appreciate you more after they leave home.


Janet said...

You are a busy gal!! I wish it would get chilly here but by the end of the week it will be back near 90ยบ! I'm so ready for fall. When you said you had a fire I was so jealous!!

I love the pages Pam did in your book, and I love the pages you've prepped. I'm trying my hand at an art journal but I'm not happy with anything yet!

MissKoolAid said...

An idea for the pages you removed AFTER gessoing and painting them... Work on them like an art journal and then have them bound into a book. Or get them bound first. Usually Office Depot or Staples (places like that) can do the binding for you. Just a thought.

tinker said...

Lovely colors for the art journal - and I love the Paris page from Pam. You're spinning buffalo yarn? How cool! How sweet that your daughter wants you to make her a sweater.
We had cooler weather for a few days, and now the hot weather's back. Bleh, lol.
Can't wait to see what you do with your journal pages.

judie said...

Thanks for sharing your pics, Kate. The journal is looking great!