Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rest of the Trip

This is the booklet from the exhibit. The weavers were all signing each others copies. I did not get everyone's but the majority of them. It was funny having people ask for your autograph, my ten minutes of fame.

Here is a picture of Waterfront park from the steps of the City Gallery. I loved this view, it was quite beautiful.

This is a closeup of the fountain, shaped like a pineapple. I thought it was really a pretty fountain.

When I was in Charleston I made these collages in my moleskine journal with receipts and momento's I collected. They were really fun to do.

After the Thread Project events were over Pam and I just hung out. She took me to the Isle of Palms beach again and I spent the afternoon there by myself and it was really heavenly. I had lunch at Coconut Joes and walked the beach and went shopping and got these treasures.

On my last day in Charleston I spent walking around downtown. I went to the Charleston Museum. I found out it is the oldest museum in the United States. It had wonderful exhibits. I especially like the exhibit Clothing to Dye for. That was something I could really relate to and the clothes were great. Then I visited the Joseph Manigault house. It was a summer home for a Rice Plantation family and was very interesting to see. For some reason I forgot to take pictures that day. I was really enthralled with all the wonderful architecture in Charleston. Pam took me to see some really beautiful homes. I was more in the state of oh thats cool instead of snapping pictures. I regret I did not do more of that.

I brought Jack along on the trip, here he is with Tripp Pam's cat.

One Day Pam brought this Magnolia home, It was so lovely and the smell just incredible, I wish I could send that fragrance to you.

Pam had these Peony's in my room and they were just gorgeous. I thought they were real at first. She had lovely touches like this all through the house.

.... And last but not the least our Pamela doing the Violette pose...


Ninnie said...

Have loved taking the trip with you through your words and photos.

mrsnesbitt said...

Some of the pictures wont show...
is it me?


Sheila said...

What a fun trip, and to visit with Pam too. How great is that..!
I saw the previous post and everything is beautiful. You are a clever lady.
Like Denise I am unable to see a lot of the photos in this post..

Julie Marie said...

For some reason I was not able to view a bunch of your photos. Too bad. I fell in love with Charleston when I was there. So glad you had a good trip.


Kate said...

Every time I went and checked I could see the photos fine. Now some appear missing. I will reload them tomorrow and see if that helps.


Janet said...

Your trip sounds like such fun....and you got to meet Pam, too! I love the collages you did with all your momentoes and souvenirs....very clever.

KaiBlueCreations said...

Wow, I know someone famous.. :) I love this post and all about your trip Kate. Your moleskin is just fantastic, the collages are colourful and make me want to read them again and nose thru the book..
I smiled to see Jack travel with you, and of course my eyes stopped at the mermaid.. lol..
Pam looks happy, great candid shot!
PEace, Kai xx