Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Fall around here

I have the Internet back temporarily, there is still something wrong with my wireless card that I have to get fixed but I can at least get on line.

We are having Fall like weather, cool in the mornings and evenings and about 70 degrees during the day. I went in the backyard and saw my sheep looking so photogenic, so i had to take a few pictures.

This is Emily just sitting around and then sweet Gabrielle.

Here are the shoes I painted. I used purple lumiere on the shoes and then stamped dragonfly's on them. A couple smeared so I may have to re do them but I still think that they are lots of fun. I used a stamp pad for the dragonfly's and I think the next time I will use paint. I need to put some sort of sealer on them next.

I will write some about the Charleston trip tomorrow, I know you are waiting to see pictures and hear all the little details.


Olivia said...

Love your birkies, Kate! You've given them new life!

MissKoolAid said...

Very cute! I used to paint my shoes all the time but they got worn out so quickly, for me it wasn't worth all that work.