Sunday, August 19, 2007

There be Pirates Here

Due to my back surgery I missed this movie when it came out. I thought it was gone from the theaters. I found out it was a the cheap theater, they get movies later and tickets are only 3.50 and treats are affordable. Anyways I loved seeing the movie and I just found out it comes out on DVD on the 4th of December. Yippee.

My friends Amy and Ginger are getting ready for a bike ride next week. Its 45 miles, so they bike out to my house for practice. I didn't even know they were coming, it was about 9 Sat morning and they said they wanted breakfast when the cirled back to my house on their route. So I made a nice breakfast and used my new placemats and fiesta ware and it looked lovely if I must say so myself. Anyways it reminded me that I was going to make napkins to match. So I stopped at JoAnn's and got 4 colors, yellow, red, turquoise and navy. I am just going to cut them to size and hem them on my machine and they will be perfect.

I need to get that heart book finished and I went to do all the gluing last night only to discover all the copies I made were not 4 x 4. So of course when I went to print more, my print cartridge died. So I picked one up late last night and will be making more copies today and gluing them to watercolor paper and then add the finishing touches to them. I wanted to mail tomorrow but that might not happen unless I get moving on them. On that note I should publish this and get off the computer.

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Julie Marie said...

My niece Lisa in Boise is always talking about the cheap theatres. She gets to see a lot more movies that way. We certainly don't have them here. I wish we did. Even a matinee is spendy.