Sunday, August 12, 2007

Swimming with Dolphins

One of the things on my life list is to swim with dolphins, I decided it was time to start doing some research to make this goal a reality. If you don't have a life list now is the time to start. An easy place to do one is here. Now the decision to make is where to go. It appears, Hawaii, Mexico, California , the Caribbean and Florida have programs on this.

(This fun picture is from here)

Over at Superhero Journal Andrea talks about her experience at Sea World. So I could go to San Diego but I am looking at all options. If any of you have done this before please email me about your experiences or leave a comment.

I really encourage you to make a life list, sometimes this is the only way we can manage to do the things our heart desires. Put it in writing and then take steps to set it in motion. Just think what wonderful adventures you could be having.

Quote of the Day: “The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” - Joseph Campbell


Carol said...

I like the idea of a life list. You are right, once written it somehow becomes more important. Thanks for the link but who goes to Spain to throw tomatoes? That was great, I had to play the you tube of the tomato festival twice. As for the dolphins, my daughter went on a cruise and that was exactly one of the things she wanted to do and did. She loved it and she had the photos of her riding enlarged and framed and on her wall so as never to forget.

Anonymous said...

Swimming with Dolphins! Ohhh that looks like so much fun! I've never been on a cruise in my life...what's one like?

judie said...

If you decide on Florida let me know! I am only an hour and a half from Disney, where they do this! xoxoxo