Friday, August 10, 2007

A Heart of Gold

Today I woke with a renewed sense of purpose. I worked on my page for the Heart Book late last night. I have really been frustrated doing this piece. I have felt stuck so many times, wanting to give up. The deadline slowly looms where I have no more time to waste. Initially I started with a gold background and thought its a heart book it should be red or pink or something. I lamented to myself that I will have the only gold poage and it will really stick out. So I worked on a pink/maroon background but I could not get any further with it.

Then my wise teenage daughter says "who cares if its golden, are you afraid to stand out." I thought maybe I was but then last night I decided to go back with the gold. Then Sarah says "She had a heart of Gold" so I guess gold is a mighty fine color for a page from the heart.

Now I have to work on the back. I went searching for some cool looking paper at all the craft stores only to come home empty handed. I have come to the conclusion that after taking Misty's class I can paint a better background than all the papers in all the stores. So I plan to do another background this weekend and look for some great quotes and finish this project. That will really feel good.

Well I am off to see Stardust..........

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Anonymous said...

Ohhh this is beautiful Kate! I can really relate to feeling stuck and wanting to give up.
I also wanted to thank you for posting on Violette's message board. My computer didn't work one day...and now it does...just slow... I don't get it!