Monday, August 20, 2007

Judi"s Gifts

I have had these for some time but had issues with blogger uploading the pictures so now I had better get them posted.

I received this box in the mail. my friend Judi Redhead sent them as a thank you gift for the 1967 copy of the Wizard of Oz that I sent her. On the box she took some art I had posted and put my face on it. I was really tickled at that idea.

She sent this lovely card and decorated envelope.

Here is a piece of cake, glitter style.

She also included this leather bound journal. It is really nice, it has gold edged pages and the spine makes it look like an old book. I think I will decorate the cover with something brighter that the brown marbling.

Here are the first few pages that she decorated to get the book started. As you can see she is one special person. One that I am really looking forward to meeting next April in Sedona.


Lisa Oceandreamer S. said...

What a wonderful surprise you received! That Judi is AMAZING the does everything!! I saw your post on V's board and I REALLY want to send you something for a book page. I know how horrid I am on saying yes and taking LONG but I am truly trying to get better at that. So hopefully soon I'll have something in the mail to you! That's such a great idea!
Sounds like you're keeping busy, I love that you set up and made breakfast for your friends, how fun and spontaneous! love that!!
I can't wait to meet you!

violette said...

Wow This is really LOVELY! Isn't Judi so thoughtful and talented to boot?? I would like to add a page for your book..........just let me get my act together and i'll mail you something!

What a lovely idea!

Love, Violette

craftyhala said...

I'd like to make a page as well if it's okay with you.

Sheila said...

Not much good at art, but stopped by to say Hi..!
Don't you love it when the mail man brings things like this. Great fun..

KaiBlueCreations said...

thats absolutely gorgeous, and so fitting for you Kate.. Big hugs to Judi for making your day and delicate hugs for you as your recover!!
PEace and light, Kai xx

tinker said...

What cool goodies, Kate! Hope you're feeling better and better every day! xo

Julie Marie said...

You are one lucky girl! You deserve it!


Gemma said...

Oh fun!!!Redhead is the greatest!!!!
I'm a procastinator but will send a page for this cool book.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Yay! Mail! That glitters!!!!
Super day to you Kate.