Friday, August 17, 2007

Its hot again

Well we got the hot weather back 96 degrees yuck, too hot for me. I have been busy painting the floor in the bedroom. Now I need to do a touch up on walls and molding and that will be done. Since I have been moving the furniture around I haven't decided just where I want things to be. If I could move the furniture myself it would be easier. Once its done I will post some pictures.

I am a big Stargate fan and decided that I would do a marathon. I know I have missed some episodes so this is a way to see them. We have them all on dvd so I can watch at my leisure. I think it may take quite some time since there are 10 years of episodes. Its a fun way to while away the lazy days of summer when its too hot to do anything. I can spin or knit while watching so I don't feel like I am really wasting time.


Julie said...

Sounds like the PERFECT hot weather enterprise! Although, be sure you have plenty of cool beverages to hand, because that's a whole lotta hot men on the screen! Don't want you overheating. ; )

I'm all caught up through Season 9, but haven't seen any of Season 10 yet. We iTunes-ed them, and they're on Hayden's computer... not always the most convenient place for viewing.


KaiBlueCreations said...

I have some time during the day to watch Season 8? lol.. I did watch them all throught the power of DVD from Blockiebuster and my library!!
I like the premsis of Stargate.. :)
I think we'd both have to admit, we're SCI-FI
Enjoy your telly and keep cool..and when you visit Pam, take tuns of pictures!!!
Peace n luv and hugs, Kai xx

craftyhala said... it.
I hope it was an enjoyable day.

moiraeknittoo said...

DANIEL! Mmmm mmmm good. Jack will always be my #1 though. I resisted SGA for a long time, but am now thoroughly smitten by McKay (I wanted to feed him lemons in his first two appearances on SG1) and Sheppard. And Ronon, because hello. Have you seen him? And Teyla, because she kicks ASS.

Oh Stargate, how I adoree thee and your kooky strange bizarre ways!