Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to the river

I had a busy day yesterday. I met friends in the park and we brought our spinning wheels, had lunch and a nice visit. Then I went on errands and found a quilt for the bed downstairs and a few other things. On my way home I stopped at Freeman Park and walked down to the river to sit on a rock and commune with nature.

As I was watching the river I looked to my right and thought I saw swans or at least they were white ducks. I went back to the car for my camera and took this picture. Alas they were not swans but beautiful white ducks with one big duckling.

I had been wanting this book for some time so I grabbed my Michaels coupon and picked it up. which of course led to new art supplies, new pencils, ruler, circle templates an eraser shield and new paper. Learning to draw better is one of my goals and I really liked the look of this book. I did a beginning drawing to compare with after I have done the exercises in the book. I will share those when I have done them and seen some improvement.

Dave and Sarah are heading up to Missoula tomorrow for a first haul of her stuff. She was supposed to have everything packed but of course she doesn't. I have been doing all her laundry today so she can get it folded and packed. These are her winter clothes which have been in her room since she came home. She always was the last minute kid and I guess that has not changed. This year we are bringing so much more that it either takes 2 trips or renting a Uhaul. Dave decided on making 2 trips. I will go on the next one in two weeks. Since they'll be gone I decide to go see Stardust. It opens in theaters Friday night. I could use a good fantasy film.


Janet said...

That looks like such a peaceful place to sit and think....and the ducks are pretty even if they aren't swans!
Let us know how you like that book. It looks interesting and I could stand to brush up on my drawing skills. And also would love to hear what you think of Stardust as I want to see it too.

Lisa'Oceandreamer' S. said...

How lovely to have a place like that to stop and take some deep breaths.
Isn't it funny with each thing we try comes yet MORE supplies we need?
I want to see Stardust too. I am thinking I may take myself to the matinée if my gal pal doesn't want to go.
Sounds like you've been keeping busy, busy - and Sarah, she keeps accumulating like the rest of us I think. ha!
You're a nice Mom to be doing her laundry! :)

Kai said...

you have had a busy few days Kate.. :) I like the idea of the book. I like to draw from photos because Mr Dan wont sit still long enough for me to draw
I think Stardust will be a lovely movie, will you write a review after you've seen it?
PEace n hugs, Kai xx

Laritza said...

My computer monitor shows the blue REALLY blue and lovely!
Glad to hear you are planning on traveling, that must mean you are feeling better.

MissKoolAid said...

Did you read the book Stardust? It's one of my favorites. Can't wait to see the movie. I'm sure it'll be good.

Lovely spot for some reconnecting with nature. Lucky you.

Sheila said...

The river looks like a super place to sit and just 'be'!
I am intrigued by the Stardust movie. I looked at the link you added..I want to see this. Until your post I hadn't heard of it.