Monday, August 06, 2007

Still working on the Bedroom

Its been cooler and that has been so pleasant. I spent the weekend continuing to work on the room. I got a new overhead light, the light had been a wagon wheel. That did not go with my theme at all. The one big window had black venetian blinds and I replaced them with white ones. I bought curtain rods for both windows. Dave kindly put all those things up for me. After much searching I found a white waste basket I liked. Its porcelain and I got it at Linens n Things for 50% off plus a 20% coupon. I have always bought just plastic garbage cans, I was amazed at what the nice ones cost. I think I ended up spending 12 dollars so that leaves money for other stuff which is awesome.

Now I need to make the curtains, and find some bedding I like and I should be done. I want to add some artwork but that will come later. I might get to that today or I might just go play.

I have playing around with my heart book page but nothing that I do seems satisfying. I know I am probably being too critical. Its probably time to let go of what I think it should be and just do it. The other day it came to me that since I seem to be stuck on this project that I should just work on other things instead. It seems when I have a deadline I focus on that so much that its hard to let go and just create. So I have been trying to get my studio cleaned up and set the stage for some other projects,hopefully some great ideas will come when I am least expecting them.

I was reading Celtic Woman's blog where she mention the book 365 Celts and exploring her Celtic heritage which is something I wanted to do. So I headed over to Amazon and found a copy for .48 now I had to pay 3.99 shipping but it doesn't get any better than this. I got the book on Friday and I really love it. I probably won't be able to resist sharing some of this later on. I love the way other bloggers can bring something wonderful to your attention. I'd quote something from it but I am upstairs and the book is downstairs and being the lazy person I am it will have to wait.

I went to church yesterday and the service was on Blessings. They were featuring a book called Learning to Fall, recording the blessings of an imperfect life by Phillip Simmons. Phil got ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease when he was 35. He died in 2002 and these essays of his are beautifully written and of course it makes you look at your own life differently. I borrowed the book from my friend Molly and can't put it down


Sheila said...

It's always nice to have a few books around waiting to be read. Both of these look interesting. The decorating sounds as if it's coming along. I need to start some projects, but it has been so hot and humid, I just 'think' about them instead..!

Anonymous said...

The books look wonderful! Congradulations on finding them! Great post!