Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sun Valley Wellness Festival

I haven't posted much lately at all. I been battling menopausal symptoms. I have done 6 more self portraits. You can see them here

I've also made an album of pictures from Sarah's graduation, You can see them at the same link.

I spent saturday in Sun Valley with my friend Ginger. We went to a wellness festival and had the greatest time. We went up for only one day and it turned out the speaker we wanted to hear cancelled and was not going to be there until Sunday when we would be gone. So we went to other seminars and really enjoyed ourselves. In addition to the lectures there were lots of vendors and hands on practicioners. I had a guy who did soul therapy work on me and that was pretty cool. I also had some rapid eye therapy done. I had heard about this techinque in Carol Tuttle's book Remembering Wholeness. I was really excited to try this out and it was awesome. The therapist was able to help me heal issues with my my mom in an easy process. I decided I really liked the process. I felt incredibly fantastic after that. I want to do a series of sessions, now I just need to figure a way to pay for it. Ginger, talked to a shaman, a channeler and had a session on energy work. It turned out all three people came up with the same stuff. It was interesting to say the least. Ginger went to a seminar with a medical intuitive and I attended one on entitled The Everday Goddess: Letting Go into the joy of being a woman. Mine was really a blast. I loved it, especially the part where we danced. All that free movement reminded me of taking African dance from my friend Masankho. I decided that I need to dance a little everyday. Its really freeing and really makes you feel good. I met some women from Boise in the class and we ended up going out to dinner with them. We were instant friends with 10 women. It was really a great time. We really hated having to go home. Next year I want to go to the whole event. There was also a Galley walk and we made it a few galleries. We saw some beautiful artwork. We also learned that there is a festival in Jackson in October. It has a different focus but will still be fun. They are having Andrew Weil and Julia Cameron as keynote speakers. I hope I can attend that one too.

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judie said...

Kate, are you ok? You haven't posted since May. Miss reading your blog.