Thursday, May 18, 2006


We had to put our beloved cat to sleep yesterday. He was the best cat I ever had. I miss him greatly. Here is an older picture of him with Sarah.


I will miss his tail that he always held erect with the top looking just like a question mark. He liked to head butt you in the middle of the night. He always liked to sleep with Judy when she came for a visit. I know she will miss that. He had the most beautiful green/gray eyes and a wonderful disposition. I will miss him sitting on my lap in the evenings. You were the best Moonbeam. Posted by Picasa


gw said...

It will get better. Think of him with love whenever you see the moon.
You have my sympathies - I've een there all too often.


judie said...

I'm sorry Kate. Been there and I know how you are feeling. He has kitty angel wings now and he's happy. Great big hugs to you. Judie

altermyworld said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your kitty.Beautiful baby. Many hugs to you