Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Graduation Day

My daughter graduates from High School today. It seems like I just held her in my arms and brought her home from the hospital. Can 18 years fly by that quickly. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter if I had molded her myself. When I think about it maybe I did have a hand in doing just that. She has grown up to be quite the confident self assured woman that I wanted her to become. The sky is the limit for her now. She'll be off to college in a few months, ready to take on all the new experience that the world has to offer. She has many gifts, desires and goals, and I wish her the best with them. What an exciting time. She's graduating Magna Cum Laude having missed a 4.0 by .001, but thats ok she thinks the cords she gets to wear on her gown are a better color. That is quite an accomplishment for a girl who missed a lot of school several of those years. Congratulations Sarah!

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judie said...

Your daughter is beautiful Kate. You obviously did a great mothering job. I am sure you are extremely proud! Congrats, Sarah.