Thursday, May 11, 2006

What a day this has turned out to be

I really did not know what I was going to do today and I have had a blast all morning. I unpicked the black and purple and started again on weaving the scarf. Then I realized the silk is so sticky I won't be able to the unpick the weft to make the fringe. So I added some fringe spacers and started again. I hemstitched the ends and did some weaving. I like it so much better now.

Then I remembered that I want to learn to do calligraphy with a dip pen. I have had the supplies for awhile now. I got the table I have been doing watercolor on cleared off and ready. So I sat down and played a little. Basically I just got used to loading the pen with ink and then practiced a little. I have a book on Calligraphy from the library. I want to go through the exercises that they recommend, but this first playing was fun. I even used other inks that I have for stamping for a little color. Nothing to show yet.

Then I went and worked on a collage card. I started doing these soul collage cards last year. I did mine a little different than the book says, made them smaller. I decided the size I was doing was too limiting. When I found the kaliedosoul website I really wanted to get back into these and do them bigger and with more thought put into it. I ended up making mine 6 x 8. When a suggestion came by email to work on a mother based card I decided to give it a try. My cards focus is on how I mother. I really like how it turned out.


I started a flickr set with my old cards and then this new one.

I did not do a self portrait yesterday so now I have 2 to do to catch up but thats ok. I may get to it later today or tomorrow. I know that next time if I feel ike doing 2 then I will. I am going to do me as the Mona Lisa but also a fantasy self portrait would be fun too! I think I will have to do a Lord of the Rings one for sure. This is turning out to be fun and a generator of lots of ideas

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