Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother Day

A Happy Mothers Day to everyone.

I tried to fix my last entry anumber of times and still have problems with the pic showing up, so here it is. The Mothering Card I made


Dave gave me a massage gift certificate. I am looking forward to that. Sarah is still sleeping. She had the commencement dance last night and was up till 4 am and she has to work tonight so I am letting her sleep. We'll go out an early dinner in an hour or two. It looks like a heat wave is on its way up here. Its supposed to be 86 on tuesday and in the 80's all week. If I want to work in the garden I will have to get up early.

Oh I am wearing sandals today. That is quite an accomplishment for me and my foot doesn't hurt. Yeah!

Yesterday we went up to Market Lake for International Migratory Bird day. We took a walk and got to see a peregrine falcon close up. It turns out the guy with the falcon was the same man who came to get the hawk I found with a broken wing last year. Its a small world sometimes. We identified 2 new birds, a white faced Ibis and a franklins gull. It was a fun day. We stopped at Bj's bayou in Roberts for lunch. Its a cajun place we had been meaning to try. We both had red beans and rice and although it was good it wasn't spectacular. We bought a poster home and framed it. It is really nice. I'll pop a pic up later. Posted by Picasa

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Teri C said...

So thoughtful of you to remember Mothers..I did too. Great minds and all that.