Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Musings

Monday I decided should be for Art so I start the week out right. I did get my watercolor things finished for my class and got them posted around 1 or so this morning, I think that counts. I also decided I might work along with Violette on her 101 self portraits. So I have done a simple one that I think I like. I don't know if I will be doing one a day but it still will be fun doing the ones I am doing. I think it would be fun to throw my face onto the Mona Lisa. I have to figure that one out.

On the writing front I found a new book I really like. Its from this site which I found through Sunday Scribblings. I seem to be getting all these synchronisitic events happen one after another. When I look at the chain of events of my life recently its one connection to another. Hurt ankle led to >being on the internet all day > which led to Danny gregory's book and drawing group> which introduced me to moleskines> and the moleskinerie> which told about Sunday Scribbles> which led to me finding the bold soul and her writing book. Or I could look at Cloth paper scissors led me to>violette's challenge> that led me to her website> and getting involved in collage and more drawing> hosting a swap> to a new community of friends. I have several other scenarios that seem to be working like this.

This morning I decided I would try and set aside a day for weaving too. So this Wednesday I plan to weave on the silk scarf on my loom. Hey this worked for writing and art so a day for weaving will get me back to where I want to be. Lately thing seem to be working out well creatively. Its like I am on a roll. I hope it continues.

On Sunday our church had a maypole dance that was fun. I wish I had taken a camera so I'd have pictures. This link gives a little history and has a small graphic showing the ribbons wind around the pole. It was quite a fun exercise to take part in. We all had so much fun I think it will be a continuing tradition.

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